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As former frontman of The Laundry Shop, Robinson paid his Rock n' Roll dues playing "a ton of sweaty gigs in every shit-hole imaginable". Despite huge critical acclaim and a growing following, Robinson struggled to keep a steady line up together and ultimately decided to go solo.

"There was something very liberating about leaving the whole infrastructure of an independent band and being able to show up anywhere with an acoustic guitar and do my thing"

Robinson is also the founder of Dublin's Volt Rehearsal and Recording Studios. A factor which became a huge inspiration in the re-imagining of his musical direction.

"After my band broke up I kind of gave up on the Industry. However I spent so much time in a 24/7 musical environment, I naturally gravitated towards jamming with lots of different people. I was enjoying music for the sake of it again and ultimately built the recording studio there". Volt Recording Studio is where Robinson is currently putting the finishing touches to his debut solo album.

2015 will see the release of a free E.P through his own label Medicine Ball Records while Robinson takes to the road once more and hopefully hit up some slightly nicer shit-holes this time around...

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